Body Treatments

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening and resurfacing which gently treats signs of aging. With our treatment, we can help treat and reduce blemishes, sun spots, and signs of aging. If you would like refreshed skin, that has a healthy glow, then our resurfacing treatment is for you! Our skin tightening procedure allows for natural treatment that provides drastic results without looking fake or over-done. For all of our natural skin resurfacing treatments, we use the Light Ultratherapy and Radiofrecuency.
Neck Tightening
Nourish Dry, Dehydrated Skin with Phytonutrients to heal different ailments of the skin, as well to keep skin supple and soft in texture.

Cellulite Reduction

Body Contouring
Target Fat Loss. Using High Technology to help on the reduce Localized fat (regional adiposity).
Woman having facial treatment — Body waxing in Naples, FL